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You can easily connect all people together through video conferencing

The video conferencing is used for contacting or connecting two or more person alive by using the computer network for transmitting or receiving audio and video. But before starting to prepare for your video call there is a need for the video conference equipment. Only with its help you can able to talk to each other without having any disturbance or interruptions. Few of the rocking video conference equipment is

  • The latest rocking equipment is ezTalks onion:

It acts as all in one video conferencing equipment that to its design would be classy. It is used for lowering the threshold of the professional conference cost level to low. Instead of spending more amounts on buying your latest equipment you can make use of it.

The software would support for HD videos and audio conferencing along with that you can able to do a live chat. You can find a screen and whiteboard sharing feature as well it contains the meeting control features as like recording all the things, scheduling the task, mute and unmutes the presentations and you can access everything with the help of the remote control.

  • The high quality of video conferencing can be conducted by Highfive:

The high five would help to provide you the high quality of video conferencing that too with the help of the single device.

  • It empowers every room with the HD video, audio and screen sharing minutes.
  • Its camera contains the 120-degree field that can able to view or capture the entire conferencing room.
  • The high fidelity microphone would produce the crystal clear audio.
  • The weight of the high five would be light as well as simple.

How can you connect them to your room?

For connecting you need three cables for:

  • Power
  • HDMI
  • Ethernet

In addition to this three you can also make use of your laptop or smartphone to have the wireless control on the equipment.

  • The best video conferencing equipment for small groups is Logitech:

It is also best all in one video conferencing equipment that has a unit inbuilt feature as like the microphone, speaker and camera. You can connect them in a small conferencing room and the main plus is that it would be cylindrical in shape and you can easily carry them to all the places where ever you go.

How does it get works?

  • After connecting the equipment with a computer through USB cable the camera can able to view the people up to a 90-degree field of view.

  • The built-in speakerphone can able to support 360 degrees sound that too with 12-foot diameter range. With its help the user can able to hear everything clearly.
  • Huawei TE30 easy to use as well as to fix

It had been integrated with the camera, microphone and HD codec. It is a compact IP based video conferencing endpoint that would be easy for you to install and to use them. It contains IP4/6 support that too with the built-in WIFI and APIs integration support that deal with transferring of a small or midsized conference room.